Quickie Flicks

Quickie Flicks has Retired

On to bigger and better things...

Quickies was a lot of fun, and it served its purpose as an exercise in experimentation and skills workshopping. We've had our warm-up, and now it's time to move on to more involved projects. New opportunities for participation are coming soon.

A one-day, once-a-month filmmaking experiment

Join the Film Crush Gang once a month for a Sunday you won't forget. We meet for brunch and brainstorming, then write up a script or prep for improv. Once we know what we're doing we collect more people if we need them, grab props, get to a location and SHOOT! We wrap in time to enjoy our respective Sunday nights, and someone volunteers to take on the edit and complete it within a couple of days.

The only rule is no matter what happens, a movie is made. It doesn't matter if only one person shows and has to shoot an angry message to the rest of the group on an iPhone; at the end of this Quickie, there is always a finished flick.

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