Film Crush Collective's Mission Statement

1Film Crush Collective is a cooperative filmmaking organization seeking to advance the skills, knowledge, communication and creativity among Atlanta's independent filmmakers through collaborative video projects, educational opportunities and networking.

2Film Crush Collective is a production organization that writes, produces and distributes original content in the form of short films, feature films and web content. At its core, Film Crush strives to tell innovative, entertaining and well-crafted stories through a shared aesthetic vision.

3Film Crush Collective is dedicated to promoting Atlanta as more than just a location for major motion pictures and television programs, but as the point of origination for visual storytelling. Film Crush members are supportive of any measure that will ensure Atlanta's rightful place as "the new Hollywood."

4Film Crush Collective is the basis for our upcoming business venture, Film Crush, Inc., the managing organization for all projects under the Film Crush banner. Film Crush, Inc. will be the revenue-generating arm of the entire entity, offering a wide variety of production services in order to fund the Collective's projects.